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May 3rd 2023 – Mobile Phones Prices Decreases as Regulatory Duty Ends

Mobile Phones Prices Decrease as Regulatory Duty Ends

Pakistan witnessed a significant drop in mobile phone prices on May 3rd, providing a delightful surprise to its users with a whopping 25% decrease. This price reduction encompassed popular brands like Vivo, Tecno, Infinix, and Redmi, which hold considerable market presence in Pakistan. Industry experts credit this decline to the cessation of regulatory duty, allowing phone companies operating in Pakistan to lower the retail prices of their devices.

It is noteworthy that the Government of Pakistan had imposed duties and taxes on imported mobile phones in January 2022, resulting in an increase in mobile phone prices within the country. The new prices, effective from May 3rd, 2023, marked the end of this regulatory duty, resulting in a significant price drop.

The Pakistani government’s decision has garnered positive feedback from mobile phone users nationwide. The price decrease has made it more accessible for individuals to purchase phones that were previously beyond their budgetary reach. This development particularly benefits students and young professionals who heavily rely on mobile phones for communication and work-related tasks.

Furthermore, the decrease in prices is expected to have a positive impact on Pakistan’s overall economy. With more affordable mobile phone prices, it is anticipated that a greater number of people will be able to afford phones, leading to increased sales for phone companies. Consequently, this surge in sales will contribute to higher tax revenue for the government.

Additionally, the price drop may foster heightened competition among mobile phone companies operating in Pakistan. As prices become more affordable, individuals may be inclined to switch brands, fostering a more competitive market. This competition, in turn, may prompt phone companies to invest more in research and development, improving their products and attracting more customers.

While the decline in prices brings good news for consumers, it is important to note that this solution is not permanent. The regulatory duty could be reinstated in the future, resulting in another price increase. Therefore, it is advisable for individuals to seize the opportunity of current low prices and purchase the phones they need while they are still affordable. The possibility of the FBR imposing duty tax again may lead to a rise in smartphone prices in Pakistan.

In a recent interview, a mobile phone seller expressed relief regarding the discontinuation of regulatory taxes on imported mobile phones in Pakistan. According to the seller, the government’s high taxes had driven mobile phone prices to exorbitant levels, rendering even low-end phones unattainable for many users. This adversely impacted mobile phone sales in the country. However, since the regulatory tax ended on May 3rd, 2023, mobile phone prices have dropped by 25%, significantly increasing affordability for the general public. The seller reported an upsurge in customers visiting his store to purchase mobile phones since the price reduction.

All in all, the decrease in mobile phone prices in Pakistan brings a welcome change for consumers who have been grappling with high prices for over a year. The cessation of regulatory duty has empowered phone companies to reduce their prices, facilitating the purchase of phones previously out of reach for many. This development is expected to positively impact Pakistan’s overall economy, and it will be interesting to observe the market’s evolution in the months and years to come.

Additionally, there are expectations that the Government of Pakistan may further decrease the duty tax on mobile phones in the upcoming budget for 2023-24. This anticipation has created a sense of optimism among mobile phone users and industry experts alike. A potential reduction in duty tax would likely result in additional price drops, making smartphones even more affordable for the general public. This proactive approach by the government indicates their commitment to supporting the accessibility of mobile phones and promoting the growth of the telecommunications sector in the country.

Impact of duty tax on mobile phone prices and sales

The impact of duty tax on mobile phones price was significant, leading to a drastic around 50% decrease in mobile phone sales. People were reluctant to purchase low-end devices at exorbitant prices. This was evident as individuals in Pakistan began comparing mobile phone prices with our neighboring country, India, where phones were available at considerably lower prices. However, with the impending end of duty tax, there is an optimistic expectation of a surge in mobile phone sales


In conclusion, the substantial decrease in mobile phone prices in Pakistan has been a cause for celebration among users, with a remarkable 25% drop on May 3rd. This reduction encompassed popular brands, thanks to the discontinuation of regulatory duty that enabled phone companies to lower their prices. The government’s decision has garnered positive feedback, making phones more affordable for individuals, especially students and young professionals who heavily rely on them. Furthermore, the lowered prices are anticipated to stimulate economic growth by increasing sales and generating higher tax revenue. The market is expected to become more competitive, driving companies to invest in research and development. While this change is promising, it is important to seize the opportunity as the regulatory duty could be reinstated, leading to future price increases. Nonetheless, this welcome shift brings relief to consumers who have faced high prices for an extended period, paving the way for a more accessible mobile phone market in Pakistan.

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